Costin Outreach Group is a stakeholder engagement firm specializing in local and regional land use development, oil and gas, and transportation projects and issue and candidate campaigns.  

What We Do

Costin Outreach Group is a stakeholder engagement firm specializing in local and regional land use development, oil and gas, and transportation projects and issue and candidate campaigns.

We work with your team to identify grassroots engagement and outreach strategies to ensure success in the field.  Encompassing paid and volunteer canvassing, field organizing and voter contact, 3rd party advocacy and coalition building, and Permanent Absentee Voter and Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) strategies, Costin Outreach Group offers face-to-face grassroots organizing services to engage and mobilize stakeholders.

Yale researchers Donald Green and Alan Gerber studied various grassroots organizing techniques to identify which worked best.  They found that…

in general door-to-door canvassing produces
one vote for every 14 contacts;
door hangers…one for every 189; direct mail…one for every 500; robo calls…one for every 1,000; commercial phone banks…one for every 180; and volunteer phone banks…one for every 38.

At Costin Outreach Group, our philosophy is that every stakeholder in every community should be involved in delivering a result.  It is about two-way communication and creating a relationship with the stakeholder.  We work with stakeholders to deliver the results you need to achieve you goal – whether that’s electing a member of Congress, passing a ballot initiative, or ensuring a project is supported and approved by a community.

How We Do It

Costin Outreach Group are experts in outreach and engagement programs. We have worked on the development of corporate business parks in the San Fernando Valley, luxury hotels in Santa Monica, oil recovery projects in the South Bay and environmental remediation projects in Los Angeles.

Our team has created and executed dozens of signature transportation projects that have transformed the landscape of Southern California. And, we’ve worked on several issue and candidate campaigns spanning from Northern to Southern California.

We extensively train our staff to understand your objectives and ensure that no one knocks on a door without being fully knowledgeable about your issue. We conduct a rigorous question and answer training with you and your team so that we learn directly from you every detail about your project, your expectations and how you will measure success.

We offer a comprehensive suite of grassroots organizing services to assist you in targeting the stakeholders you need to inform, educate, engage and mobilize.


Field Consulting

As you assemble your team, we will assist you in developing a field program that includes creation of the field toolkit (script, database, leave-behinds, and petitions), stakeholder targeting, and ongoing coordination with all other aspects of your project. We will train your team to execute a field program and provide check-ins to ensure that your team is on the right path to succeed.


3rd Party Advocacy and
Coalition Building

Whether meeting with key stakeholders in your community, saturating a public hearing with your supporters, or building a letter writing campaign to local newspapers or elected officials on your behalf, nothing is more powerful than a mobilized group of stakeholders. We find the leaders in your community and educate and engage them to be motivated to speak out on your behalf.


Paid and Volunteer Field Canvasses

Our team will develop and execute a canvass program for you, or we will train and assist your own volunteers. The canvass allows us to capture current contact information, identify if the stakeholder is registered to vote (and if not, register them), obtain a petition signature, acquire a support video for use on social media platforms, or provide a lawn sign. We can mobilize within hours to execute a short- or long-term canvass operation.


Signature Gathering

Our team is available to assist you
in qualifying local and statewide initiative and referenda measures. And we will work with your team to identify how we are best able to help you achieve your goal – whether by working in a management aspect or a per-signature basis. We work your specific jurisdiction to understand how many signatures you need and work to provide an over-percentage to ensure that the number of signatures you need to qualify is gathered. We guarantee a validity rate on every paid signature.


Voter Identification

A voter identification program allows us to engage voters in public opinion with an emphasis into their perception of the candidate, issue or project and speak with non-registered voters to identify potential supporters and – either on-the-spot or on a return visit – provide them with a voter registration form. We can microtarget voters to provide rapid results. And, we utilize polling data, various geographic and demographic information, previous election voting patterns, and voter files to identify who will support you, who we can persuade to support you, and how we
can neutralize the opposition.


Permanent Absentee Voter and
Get-Out-The-Vote Strategies

Our team utilizes the latest technology in the field allowing for real time tracking and mobilization. From database creation to supporter/voter identification, our team can track a stakeholder at a moment’s notice and move him to action. Whether it is a door-to-door canvass program to educate and identify supportive stakeholders or a voter identification program to microtarget voters to turnout on Election Day, we create and execute a field program that fits your
needs and circumstances.



Transportation and Infrastructure

Our firm educates and engages stakeholders to participate in the public process on behalf of transportation and infrastructure projects. We develop and execute outreach programs to meet the key CEQA/NEPA milestones from project initiation to the release of the EIR and certification of the EIR to construction and beyond. We specialize in providing a full range of services including public meetings and open houses, collateral materials, elected official briefings, multi-lingual translation and interpretation, and social media.







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Who We Are

Engaging with people who truly care about the future of their city is one of the best parts about my work.
Sara Costin

President and Co-Founder

Sara Costin,
President and Co-Founder

For more than 20 years, from the streets of New York to the halls of Washington, DC to the freeways of Southern California, Sara has been involved in grassroots outreach. Her expertise includes grassroots and grasstops organizing, 3rd party advocacy and coalition building, political and field operations, Absentee Voter and Get-Out-The-Vote strategies, message development, issues management, crisis communications, and event management.

You can hire temp staff at $10.00 an hour and get the results you would expect from a temp employee. Or you can hire a team that may initiate the ONLY conversation a voter will have about you, your issue or your project.

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Sara Costin, President